A Day with Red Squirrels

Updated: Mar 1

My organised trip to spend a day with Red Squirrels had been planned for a few weeks, A drive up from Lincolnshire to Leyburn, North Yorkshire the night before would take a good few hours driving and meant that I could get a good night’s sleep before an early start to Hawes in the morning. A spot of breakfast before the 20 minute drive to the day’s location, on arriving one last check of all the camera equipment before the downhill trek into the squirrel’s natural environment, a beautiful wooded pine forest thriving with wildlife.

Food was plentiful for the squirrels and their kits (young Squirrel), which meant there was lots of activity up and down the trees and burying their food in the mossy ground, I never actually realised how quickly the little red animals move.

Settling in now for a few hours of learning the squirrel’s behaviour, having to change camera settings along the way to accommodate the unpredictable North Yorkshire weather, the squirrels do not seem phased by any conditions. They are quite territorial and are driven by their search for food. If another squirrel gets in their way, they seem to side step them to pass, you can hear them talking to each other or shouting but they all know what is to be done.

It was rather wonderful to see them navigate in water, they don’t appear to be afraid, especially if there is a reason for it for example where there is food involved. In the afternoon the weather broke and the water settled, enabling me to get the above reflection.

Anything that squirrels can find to climb, run along or hang upside down from they will! They appear to be at their most active and inquisitive in the morning and late afternoon, but also manage to spend most of their day foraging for food and eating.

This was a day that I could, and hopefully will do again in a heartbeat, by posting this into my blog share a few moments out of this wonderful experience with nature at its best.

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