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Coronavirus Statement Update

 I am now able to resume lessons in line with Government advice, safety will be the first priority in any lessons undertaken, Sanitising of hands and equipment will be a key factor in any lessons,  All lessons will be restricted to a number of people which will be determined by government policy with social distancing of two metres adhered to at all times.

Please visit my 1.2.1 Tuition page to book lessons.


Thank you for your Patience and Please stay safe

Get Involved

If you require to test yourself more after trying my 30 day challenge please contact me and i can give you further work which will improve your photography skills and bring out the budding David Bailey within.

I have created a 30 day challenge for you whilst you are at home and looking for inspiration and motivation, giving you some ideas on a 30 days of photography. By the end of the challenge you will be coming up with your own creative ideas, get you friends and family involved and compare results.

About Me

Thank you for stopping and taking a look at my website. Please have a browse through taking in the different galleries and information pages.

My interest in photography was sparked a good number of years ago when i was lucky enough to be sailing through the stunning Norwegian Fjords. Since then I have travelled to amazing and beautiful places, some on my doorstep and others further afield.

I have developed my skill and love for photography which has enabled me to meet many new friends from all walks of life. Being a passionate photographer gives me the opportunity to share a moment in time captured through a lens and hope this reflects what you see throughout my website.

I offer tuition on a One One basis from beginner courses to bespoke lessons and night time workshops around the beautiful City of Lincoln

Come and join in the fun of photography on one of my courses, share my enthusiasm and passion for this wonderful and rewarding subject whilst developing your skills as a photographer.